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Webinar: OSCRE’s ‘Emerging Technologies: A look at what’s ahead’

Emerging technologies (ET) including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain technology are driving innovation that challenges the “new normal.” The impact of the new digital world is inescapable, and requires a level of understanding and skill sets that are currently in short supply. To address the changing needs in the industry, OSCRE’s created The Innovation Forum Series of webinars. The first webinar was held last week and focused on an overview of emerging technologies.

2017 is a year to focus on digital transformation, and OSCRE is here to help you explore the possibilities, fill the knowledge gap and improve your digital presence. We will be presenting webinars that address a variety of digital workplace topics on a regular basis.

If you missed the webinar last week, Emerging Technologies: A Look at What’s Ahead, you can access the playback using this link or watch above.