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Digital Newsletter & Web Advertising Specs

Ad Type Ad unit
Ad Dimensions
width x height
Min size
Aspect ratio
Horizontal Billboard 970 x 250 4:1
Horizontal Double Billboard 970 x 500 2:1
Vertical Super Skyscraper 300 x 600 1:2
Vertical Square Tile 300 x 300 1:1

Click here to get more details on the standard IAB ad units

Production Requirements for Digital Ads

Advertising creative/graphics must be supplied:
  • two weeks before publication
  • in digital format to exact sizes as specified above
  • as PNG or JPG files below 4 MB. Please be advised, Flash/SWF or GIF files are acceptable only for website ads (Max. 3 loops allowed in an animated GIF). But click-through data cannot be provided in this format. Also ensure that the SWF file has a functional link to your landing page and that the page is ready to view prior to submitting the file.

Advertorial Product or Case Study Feature

  • +/- 125-150 words of copy (advertorial)
  • +/- 200-250 words of copy (case study)
  • Low-resolution static visual, .png or .jpg and not more than 100 KB, typically around 300 x 250 pixels.
  • A URL to where the client wants to direct the viewer. Advertiser also can anchor the URL to content on our website.

Direct Email Promotions

Client supplies content formatted for HTML delivery to selected segments of our database to reach from 10,000 to 68,000 subscribers.

HTML design should be no wider than 1000 pixels, all external links fully functional and all images must reside on a publicly accessible web server.

Custom Newsletters

Our team can help yours create a custom targeted e-newsletter to reach your clients and/or segments of our subscriber database.

White Paper

Objective researched white paper(s) that responds to a specific issue, with a research bibliography, website links and an about the sponsor information.

Other Options

  • Direct email campaigns to promote products and services.
  • Conference and trade show marketing:
    • Conference and trade show promotion
    • Conference partner media
    • Conference match-ups
  • Industry Insights Training: Help your sales team understand and reach our audience.
  • Social media (Twitter, LinkedIn): Support for client information dissemination (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Direct print mail: Creative production, printing and mailing available.

Advertising Creative Materials

Please send all ad creative materials, advertorials, and urls to:

Apolline Andrieu-Delille, Media Director

Advertising Questions?

Apolline Andrieu-Delille, Media Director

Michael Walsh, Publisher

Editorial Content

Please send all editorial content and article inquiries to:


Newsletter Ad Placements

Please see the example below to get an idea of how ads might be placed within our newsletters.