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Wash up with Bobrick’s counter-mounted foam soap dispenser



The B-823 Counter-Mounted Manual Foam Soap Dispenser, from Bobrick, delivers measurable cost savings to building owners and facility managers, complemented by a polished chrome finish and ADA compliant design. Due to its economic benefits, the B-823 is ideal for washrooms in all facilities, but especially budget sensitive environments, such as government facilities, and high-traffic facilities, such as retail and education.

For an automatic dispensing option, Bobrick also offers the B-828 SureFlo Automatic Counter-Mounted Foam Soap Dispenser. Prospective buyers and specifiers can calculate the product’s cost-in-use savings over time by using the Cost Savings Calculator.

Product Benefits
Open, universal system
• Universal, open system reduces cost-in-use versus proprietary cartridges that restrict open market purchasing freedom.
• Compared to liquid soap cartridges, bulk jugs of foam soap can reduce soap costs by up to 80 percent.
• Five 800ml proprietary cartridges (1,000 hand washes) are equal to a single one-gallon jug of bulk foam soap (6,000 hand washes), resulting in a 57 percent reduction in post-consumer waste.
• The B-823’s pump can convert 0.5ml of soap to 7ml of foam, thus reducing total soap usage and facilitating a 15 percent reduction in water usage.
Top-fill convenience
• While most systems require bending under counters to change cartridges, the B-823 can be topfilled. This can reduce labor on refills by as much as 25 percent.

ADA Compliance
Valve operates with one hand, without right grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist, and with less than 5 pounds of push force (22.2N) to comply with barrier free accessibility guidelines.