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View Dynamic Glass keeps nature glare-free

140441_ViewHealthcareAward_Release_121114View Dynamic Glass, by tinting intelligently in response to the outside world or user preferences, provides unobstructed views to nature and maximum daylight. Evidence based research links faster healing and patient and staff satisfaction to our connection with nature—the reason for large windows in hospital designs.

There are two problems associated with using glass in buildings—glare and heat. By seamlessly transitioning between four tint states, Dynamic Glass increases comfort by eliminating glare and by blocking sun’s heat. Additionally, by eliminating blinds, it potentially reduces the risk of infection and increases patient safety.  From energy use perspective, windows account for nearly 40% of building energy consumption and Dynamic Glass can result in significant operational savings since it is up to 20% more efficient than static glass products.

  • Helps reduce GHG emissions by using 20% less energy
  • Reduced lighting consumption by maximizing daylight in a space
  • Could enable a path to Architecture 2030 for healthcare environments by realizing unique synergistic advantages with efficient HVAC technologies

View Dynamic Glass provides the durability of traditional windows and does not require any additional maintenance and has completed extensive third party testing for performance, quality and durability similar to all architectural glass products currently used. Additionally, View is the only Dynamic Glass technology to pass the ASTM accelerated environmental durability testing, to the equivalent of 50-year glass lifetime in actual installation.

View Dynamic Glass