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Versteel’s OH! combines comfort, class, fun and function

Versteel has taken OH! beyond modular seating expectations by allowing a generous personal space to accommodate individual sitting styles and creating personal space that can be approached from any direction. Inspired by the simplest of shapes, OH! combines comfort and class, with function and fun. By choosing the circle as the basis for the seating series it is possible to create an infinite number of configurations, as the designer is no longer bound by a corner. Standard OH! configurations include L, T, X, and Y as well as unlimited numbers of runs and countless arcs and serpentines. The use of the circle eliminates any sidedness to backless configurations. The addition of a back can be used to guide users to approach sides.

Utilizing basic components (a single leg, seat, back, and connector) of polished, cast aluminum, OH! is simplistic in its approach to modularity. Legs are positioned for strength and stability while connectors are used to organize the seats into configurations. By using the connector, a set distance is established between individual seats to create personal space. Plush seats, along with a curved ergonomic back option, allow users to position their bodies without interfering with their neighbors. This ensures that everyone can find their own comfort solution. Seats are also generously sized and proportioned.

NeoCon Showroom 1093