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Aerie, center of excellence

Shaping the future of the resilient office, Aerie blends minimalistic elegance with function and power, standing strong as the focal point of any room. As companies consider reconfigurations for the offices of tomorrow, Versteel is committed to providing versatile solutions that will elevate the workspace as a destination for collaboration and a hub for individualized, focused work. 

Aerie’s sleek aesthetic seemingly defies gravity to provide strength, stability, and reliability. This large-scale table ranges from 96” to 200” in length, promoting a synergetic space for larger groups. With centralized, integrated technology everyone stays powered and productive, even at a distance. 

Versteel partnered with the award-winning, industry renowned Favaretto & Partners to bring Aerie’s unique aesthetic to life. Inspired by aerodynamics, it offers durability with a lightweight, sophisticated design that showcases a blend of strength and lightness.

Aerie is available in a range of conference sizes and can be specified with various power and charging options. Thoughtful design choices include a linear surface detail, contrasting metal colors, and a flush mount power bay. Enhance the beauty of Aerie with veneer, laminate, KrystalCast®, or seamlessly wrapped powder coat tops.

For more information visit versteel.com/product/aerie.