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Unity Collection from Mantra Inspired Furniture wins Best of NeoCon Silver, Sustainability & Business Impact Awards

The Unity Collection of solid wood tables designed with easy assembly and carbon-abatement in mind, is unique in its ability to be flat-packed for shipping and easy to assemble, disassemble, reuse and refinish.

The entire table from Mantra Inspired Furniture is made of only three solid American hardwood pieces, whether walnut, white oak, cherry or maple. Inspired by the craft of wood joinery, the base is comprised of two pieces that slide together with a simple joint. Once the top is secured to the base, the stability of the table is set for years of use through its ten-year warranty.

Winner of Best of NeoCon 2024 Silver, Sustainability & Business Impact Awards, each section is made of 1 ¼-in. solid wood. Unity carries the Declare Label with 50 + years of life expectancy, salvageable and reusable in its entirety, 100% biodegradable and compostable, and Red List Free. The design integrates a true circular economy approach by reducing the need for packaging materials and shipping space and creating a table that is 100% made of solid wood that will last for decades and can be reused and refinished.

From a facility management perspective, its flat packaging capabilities are a practical bonus, enhancing efficiency in storage and transportation. Overall, its creates a welcoming ambience, perfect for various settings. Love that it flat-pack ships, uses American woods made in the USA and is Red List Free.

This table was such a refreshing piece to learn about. An awesome story and would love to get some of these into my facility. Timeless design that breaks down to ship, easy to take apart and assemble for facilities professionals. Love this product! Design from shipment to installation is well thought through; repair capability excellent; a gorgeous natural aesthetic that will pair well with many settings, plus a good 10-year warranty.

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