Transport your interiors to another level . . .


Interrupting the quaint and prim, Disruptor™ + Teleport™ are Bentley’s two new entities of modern disorder. Combining perception and design, the marriage of the two provides pattern, texture, and balance . . . optically creating refinement in interior landscapes.

Fragmented in nature, Teleport enables its mid-scale, graphic patterning to float softly into a swell of textural elements, creating additional interest as it transports in and out of view. In contrast, the thrashing, seismic energy of Disruptor appears etched from the surface. Softened by elusive color codes, it allows the floor to appear minimalistic yet forward – a moment frozen in time. Teleport_Emanate-401452-and-Agitator-401450-24x24-Quarter-Turn_alt1

Advanced by Bentley’s COLORCAST™ program, the ultimate tool in color flexibility, Disruptor + Teleport features a palette of subtle and bold combinations in a voluminous, tightly twisted yarn bundle that creates the illusion of folded pleats as it rises to the surface of each design. Creating definite movement and exposing organic textural shifts, the two patterns are made to visually impact any interior system.

Disruptor™ + Teleport™

18×36 and 24×24 Carpet Tile (Tile Only)
Tufted Textured Loop Construction
Antron® Legacy™
Disruptor Colors: 12 + Teleport Colors: 12