Trane Intelligent Services maintains optimum building performance


Trane Intelligent Services provides a complete building energy management system (BEMS) solution that is tailored to every building’s needs — delivering improved building performance, sustainable operations and reduced operating costs. Intelligent Services has four solutions that help manage a facility for optimum energy efficiency, reliability and occupant satisfaction.


• Building Performance is constantly analyzing vast quantities of data within building systems and equipment behavior to improve building operation. It uncovers hidden information and opportunities for improvement.

• Energy Performance makes energy usage visible in real time. It monitors utilities, analyzes how building systems are using energy and recommends improvements to save money.

• Energy Assessment provides a baseline of building performance that shows how a building is using energy and the potential areas for improvement.

• Active Monitoring provides 24/7 monitoring and support of building systems to proactively detect problems and resolve issues quickly or initiate action to resolve the issue. Trane technicians (not CSRs) staff the Trane Intelligent Services Center, bringing knowledge and expertise to diagnose a variety of building problems.


• Building managers receive targeted and prioritized recommendations that are directed toward their key performance indicators (KPIs) for building efficiencies that help improve staff productivity and save time and money.

• Building managers have access to a complete energy management solution that delivers improved building performance, sustainable operations and reduced operation costs.

• Building managers receive help establishing benchmarks, setting performance goals and validating results for improved building performance and sustainable operations.

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