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Titus ushers in virtual reality training at AHR Expo

TitusAHRVirtual reality, once reserved for gaming, is now being ushered in as the HVAC industry’s next training platform. The technology enables building owners, contractors and engineers to test the performance, functionality and operability of specific products and systems in simulated applications, prior to installation. For the first time, Titus will have a virtual reality experience available at their AHR Show booth (C3137) Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, allowing users to see how individual components can fit into larger systems and their own projects.

Understanding the Total Systems Approach

With standard HVAC systems representing up to 40% of a commercial building’s total energy use, manufacturers understand that to reduce energy usage their systems cannot placed in a silo. That’s what makes Titus’s Total Systems Approach so vital. Its highly-integrated approach to HVAC systems solutions, to be featured at AHR Show 2017, aids engineers, contractors and building owners in achieving operational efficiencies and realizing long-term cost savings.

“A Total Systems Approach increases the life expectancy of the equipment, lowers operating and maintenance costs, and simplifies design, procurement and installation,” said Jenny Sivie, Director of Advanced Business Development at Titus. “With this approach, our goal is to provide engineers, contractors and building operators with the necessary education of products and systems, to ensure efficiency goals are met.”

New Products, Integrated Systems

Titus will showcase over 15 products in the booth, further emphasizing the importance of using a Total Systems Approach. The company will feature its new and extended line of chilled beams products, which includes both active and passive chilled beams and floor mounted displacement chilled beams, along with Helios and VENTUS LUX. Helios, which won an AHR Innovation Award in the Ventilation category, is the industry’s first digital diffuser powered by both ambient and direct sunlight. VENTUS LUX is a premium chilled beam system that is visually appealing and combines the efficiencies of chilled beams and LED lighting.

The company’s new blower coil line, AORCS and Solar Plexicon, among others, will also be available for demonstrations. For more information on Titus’s system approach to HVAC and its catalog of products, visit www.titus-hvac.com and the Titus AHR booth.

For more information, visit Titus online or call 972-212-4800.