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Thymometrics releases free guide to EU data protection regulation


In April of 2016, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was quietly passed by the EU Parliament. Experts in cybersecurity say this is the single most important piece of legislation to be passed in nearly two decades.

Your Free Guide to GDPR

The GDPR mandates how organisations gather, store, and use sensitive employee data in a new environment of data hackers and internet thieves. Organisations in Europe as well as those in other countries that do business in or with European nations are subject to compliance with the new regulation.

By May 25, 2018, all must meet the guidelines of the GDPR or face serious fines.

Unfortunately, many organisations either have not heard about the GDPR or they are ill-prepared to follow the law yet, says David Godden, VP of Sales and Marketing for Thymometrics, a leading real-time employee engagement software firm. “The GDPR has many complex rules that organisations must follow, or they may be putting personal employee data at serious risk,” he adds. “Even if a company is using a cloud server in a relatively safe region of the world, this doesn’t mean the company is complying with GDPR and that data is secure.”

For this reason, Thymometrics has released a comprehensive report that details the impact that the General Data Protection Regulation will have on businesses, and the possible concerns that employers and employees will encounter. The report, entitled “Impacts of GDPR on your HR Data” and which is available for download here, is designed to help organisations understand the timeline for compliance along with a set of steps they can take now to protect employee information from landing in the wrong hands.

Thymometrics handles large amounts of employee data from companies of all sizes, including CIPD, McCann, Redgate, Interserve and NPL. The company is one of only a handful of software companies that is already GDPR compliant.