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Thonet MOSS Tier seating ideal for collaboration

Thonet MOSS Tier is a collection of one-, two- and three-tier seating available in seven standard shapes. Each piece stands alone or can be combined to form a variety of configurations. Ideal for creating collaborative environments, MOSS Tier features a black acrylic recessed plinth base, which helps to keep fabric from being damaged on the floor. The base is also available in laminate. Fabrics can be mixed by steps or end panels to create a fun palette unique to your space.
The MOSS Tier collection also offers 9″ and 18″ laminate console units. Power is included using either 1 simplex and 2 USB-A outlets or 1 simplex and 1 USB-C outlets. Add a double articulating arm to either console unit to incorporate writing or laptop space. See more at thonet.com.