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The Stonhard Group: Hospitality Industry Flooring White Paper


The Stonhard Group: A Warm Welcome Begins on the Floor


The advent of greater variety and complementary flooring finishes in the hospitality market has broadened the opportunities for guests to encounter-and hotel service teams to enjoy-the versatility of designed concrete floors.

The Stonhard Group with its four brands of flooring, Stonhard, Liquid Elements, Expanko, and Fritztile, offers a variety of options for the hospitality market. With expertise gleaned from its A-Team of installers and extensive technical research on how flooring applications should differ based on the installation environment, The Stonhard Group discusses here the use of specific flooring systems for the spaces that designers and facilities managers regularly encounter in hospitality and retail settings.
Liquid Elements pours it on
Artfully poured liquid concrete floors, Liquid Elements, uses cutting-edge technology to produce both decorative and high-performing floors. Liquid Elements provides a boutique approach to design,” says Mike Jewell, vice president of product research and development.