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Tell your story with Takeform’s Applaud Recognition Displays

Takeform Applaud

Takeform Applaud

Takeform Applaud Recognition Walls can be constructed from almost any interior finish.

Reserved appreciation or roaring ovation, Applaud Recognition Displays say “thank you” in an aesthetic voice uniquely fitting the space it occupies and the organization it represents. Applaud maximizes creative expression while simplifying the specification process. Each Applaud Recognition Wall is designed from an extensive palette of components which can be constructed from almost any interior finish. And, for even greater originality, Applaud can include imagery and pattern through the expressive power of direct printing.

Applaud connects to your space in three distinct ways. First, backer components are specified to fit the space and project objective. Second, the plaque system is designed to include the range of sizes appropriate to the project objectives and the finishes that compliment the space. Third, the design comes together with one of three distinctive plaque mounting systems. Choose from the refinement of button mounting, the intricacy of the rod system or the minimalist simplicity of the magnet system. All this creative potential is brought together in a design approach that offers unlimited creativity – and delivered through an efficient, user friendly process – design through installation.

With Applaud, saying “thanks” is just one reason to install a captivating display in your space. Applaud recognition system can portray your history. Commemorate the achievements of your staff. Showcase award recipients. And adapt as new chapters in your story unfold.

Creativity and choice. Applaud.