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Teknoflor commits to carbon-neutral shipping

Teknoflor has partnered with UPS in efforts to reduce the company’s carbon footprint with carbon-neutral parcel shipments.

To continuously improve the company’s sustainability programs, all domestic Teknoflor samples and collateral will be shipped via UPS carbon neutral shipping. This includes any packages shipped via UPS Ground, UPS 3rd Day, UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day Air.

“Teknoflor is thrilled to be able to offset our carbon footprint generated by increasing sample shipments,” said Jeff Collum, president of Teknoflor. “We are committed to our sustainability initiatives and this is one more way to show our commitment to reducing our negative impact on the environment”

UPS uses a precise carbon calculator to measure a customer’s carbon footprint, and the additional shipping expense paid to UPS for carbon-neutral shipping is used to fund these carbon mitigation projects around the world. The UPS carbon neutral program has been third-party certified by Natural Capital Partners and verified by SGS, a well-recognized third-party certifier. Last year, UPS achieved 110,814 metric tons of carbon dioxide reduction or offset worldwide (according to UPS’s GRI Content Index).