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Stinson wins Best of NeoCon Gold for Healthcare Textiles

by Eileen McMorrow, Director, Best of NeoCon

Designed in the spirit of well-being, Wellness Essentials by Stinson focuses on clean lines, an affinity for nature and simple geometry offering healthcare designers a modern and sophisticated toolbox for healing environments.  

Beyond the expansive range of high-performance coated fabrics, this collection also includes two privacy curtains and a woven texture; all of which are bleach-solution cleanable.

Assortment of Wellness Essentials healthcare textiles from Stinson

The Best of NeoCon 2023 Gold Award winner for Healthcare Textiles was lauded by the jurors, who commented, “I love the grid pattern (Watercolor Grid). I like the hybrid construction of the coated fabrics that offset the high cost of 100% silicone products. I love the birch bark feel (Nishiki 2.0) and the soothing colors. I love the Maine stones (Riverstone). Wellness Essentials is a beautiful collection!”

All non-woven products in the Wellness Essentials collection are CFFA-HC-201 certified, representing a significant difference and advantage that allows end users, designers and specifiers to easily identify products that have been designed specifically for healthcare. “I enjoy the beautiful simple patterns of the collection. It was good to see the HC-201 certification and to hear about the hybrid options,” noted one juror.

Products that are HC-201 certified must pass a series of tests that have been identified as important and relevant for healthcare environments. Examples of third-party testing include denim dye-resistance and hydrolytic stability. This standard was developed in conjunction with industry consultants and design directors of major hospital systems, with the goal of reducing product failures. Stinson offers more HC-201 certified products than any other resource in the textiles industry.

Assortment of Wellness Essentials healthcare textiles from Stinson

All of the products have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with myriad cleaners and disinfectants. Complete cleaner and disinfectant compatibility is presented on Stinson’s searchable database. “Bolded” items in the database have EPA registration numbers which appear on the EPA’s list of disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

“The overall ‘healing environment’ approach makes Wellness Essentials a great collection. All patterns pair well with others, and the privacy curtains are great,” observes a juror. Wellness Essentials is comprised of many pattern constructions, each presenting different sets of environmental and sustainable attributes. They are GREENGUARD certified and do not contain PFAS, fluorocarbons or perfluorinated compounds. All upholstery products do not contain flame retardant additives and are AB 2998 compliant.

All non-woven products are produced without pthalates, antimicrobials or flame retardant additives. All products are Prop 65 Compliant. Patterns Flare and Stallion are silicone hybrid products combining the environmental properties of polyurethane with the performance properties of silicone. Pattern Flare is digitally printed. Stage, Flare and Stallion are HHI-compliant, LBC Red List Free and are denim dye and ink-resistant.

Privacy curtains Metamorphic and Veil are produced using post-consumer recycled polyester. Woven texture Bijou is produced using 100% recycled polyester. Pattern Stage is a high-performance polyurethane that is made with polycarbonate resins. All patterns in the collection are both REACH and RoHS-compliant.

Assortment of Wellness Essentials healthcare textiles from Stinson

Because of their durability attributes, all patterns will provide a long service life, reducing the need to reupholster or purchase new furniture on a frequent basis.

Stinson is known for product quality and high performance. All of the products in Wellness Essentials include Stinson’s warranty protection. In short, Wellness Essentials healthcare textiles equal cleanable, durable, sustainable, certified performance.

The Best of NeoCon Silver Award for upholstery textiles also went to Stinson for Shape, Line & Color.