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Stack ’em up: The X60 from KI

Seating Stacking_KI_X60 Stack Chair_digitalno.4X60’s unique elastomer seat from KI, reacts to the user’s contour and is re-shaped for the ultimate in individualized comfort. Due to its light weight, the X60 contributes to well-being in the built environment – it’s easy to lift, easy to carry and easy to move. Entered in the Seating: Stacking category in the Best of NeoCon, X60 serves where healthcare conference room space is at a premium and single rooms are asked to adapt to multiple uses, the X60’s high-density stacking (60-high on a dolly) accommodates changes on-the-fly as well as maximizing storage space. The X60 stack chair’s innovative elastomer seat adapts also offers a 15-year warranty. The slim profile of the chair results in a stacked height that is similar to most 40-high stacks, keeping it easy to maneuver. It’s light weight (a mere 10 pounds) makes it easy to move without undue effort. When chairs are used in rows, ganging glides securely join the chairs to maintain an uncluttered, orderly look.  NeoCon showroom 1181.