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Software can track possible measles exposure for hospital visitors

Amid growing fears about the spread of measles, hospital administrators can use visitor software to help track possible exposure to communicable diseases.

The Fast-Pass Visitor Management System manufactured by Security Identification Systems Corporation can keep track of people visiting patients in hospitals. The system will capture their name, photograph, time, date and location visited. In the event there is an exposure to an infectious disease or other biological hazards, the visitors could immediately be identified and dated to a specific timeline. The system would reduce investigative time and would provide positive identification and contact information.

SISCO CEO Anthony Zagami explains that identifying individuals who may have been exposed and tying them to a timeline is critical to rapid containment. “Staff and hospital personnel can be accounted for, but visitors could be potentiality at risk. Fast-Pass could help close the gap and provide the CDC with an investigative tool to mitigate the risk of the disease spreading further.”

The Fast-Pass system, in operation at 654 hospitals throughout the United States, provides hospital security staff with a front-line tool to identify visitors and to act as a deterrent to discourage individuals who gain entry with ill intentions.