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Smart Lobby, a KONE Smart Building solution

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The KONE Smart Lobby is a concept which uses smart building technologies to enhance safety, functionality and customer experience.  At the core of the concept is the KONE People Flow Planning service where KONE experts assess, plan and design how people move in your building in a smarter way now and in the future. Based on the continuous real-time data collection and analyses of the horizontal and vertical people flow, modification needs can be identified to improve the experience for tenants and users.

“Quite simply, the way buildings are being designed, built and managed is changing,” said Larry Wash, executive vice president for KONE Americas. “In design, construction, lobby and building management, fundamental change is delivering innovation and an optimal experience at every stage. At KONE, we believe that the advent of today’s Smart Lobby – a vibrant space where varied technologies are fully integrated – brings the lobby to life and dramatically changes the customer experience within a building.”
Other KONE smart concepts include:
• KONE Smart Design – a new way of working that speeds up design visualization, predicts and resolves potential (and costly) mistakes, and improves equipment delivery time. KONE Smart Design includes online chat with elevator experts; a KONE Car Designer tool to create a custom elevator design; and a KONE Elevator Configurator that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right elevator.
• KONE Smart Construction – a way to help professional project managers sequence trade activities in a more optimized way, speeding up schedules and delivering cost savings. The foundation of Smart Construction comprises solutions such as KONE JumpLift, the self-climbing construction elevator; KONE UltraRope™, a revolutionary carbon-fiber hoisting technology; and advanced project-planning output using Building Information Modeling (BIM).
• KONE Smart Building Management– a way to optimize buildings to improve the flow of people, enhancing personal comfort, safety and security. Smart Building Management is customized to a specific buildings’ needs and includes KONE 24/7 Connected Services on the IBM Watson® Internet of Things (IoT) Platform.

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