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Small addition. Big protection

The AGF COLLECTANDRAIN FLOODELIMINATOR Model 5900 is a fail-safe for dry fire sprinkler systems
that protects a facility from flooding when an auxiliary drain malfunctions due to a freeze-and-break,
accident or vandalism. This small addition allows a facility to get back online faster with less cleanup
and expense.

When the FLOODELIMINATOR encounters the pressurized flow of water from a tripped dry valve, its internal mechanism closes, preventing large amounts of water from being released out of the malfunctioning auxiliary drain. It is suitable for both dry and pre-action systems as well as compressed air or nitrogen, requires no power, automatically resets when the system is restored, does not impede normal system draining, and can easily be retrofit onto existing small-volume low-point drains or auxiliary drains (drum drips). The FLOODELIMINATOR is also available on select COLLECTANDRAIN auxiliary drain models.