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ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons performing COVID-19 re-entry disinfecting for businesses

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons

As COVID-19 continues to spread and cause fatalities while the economy plans to re-open, businesses will need to ensure protection from potential contamination. The COVID-19 virus is considered a biohazard — and according to experts, it spreads quickly via surfaces, which it can live on for multiple days. To effectively rid businesses of viral material, professional cleaning and disinfection services are often necessary. 

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is providing COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection services to businesses in the Chicago area.

“This crisis is not going to disappear anytime soon,” says Nasutsa Mabwa, president of ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons. “That’s why routine and consistent cleaning and disinfection is essential. For many businesses, professional cleaning and disinfection will be the difference between a contained infection and a full-blown outbreak.”

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons is working with business owners to ensure the health and safety of tenants and employees. They are performing cleaning services at a wide range of building sizes — from 1,000 sq. feet to 500,000 sq. feet — for a wide range of business types (from animal hospitals to distribution centers). Here is more information about the coronavirus cleaning services they are providing: 

ServiceMaster Restoration By Simons performs COVID-19 reentry cleaning & disinfection services for businesses, as well as vehicle disinfection cleaning services for company fleets. Their COVID-19 cleaning services include fogging and wiping down high-touch areas to thoroughly clean surfaces. When the service is complete, they provide a Certificate of Disinfection to create peace of mind for owners and employees.

To bring customers the best coronavirus cleaning services possible, they take the following approved disinfection measures. 

  • Wearing appropriate PPE, as determined by the most up-to-date CDC guidelines and taking customer’s privacy into consideration when it comes to donning and doffing PPE.
  • Using EPA-registered and approved products from the EPA’s List N, which specifically meet the criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. After they clean all high-touch surfaces, they also fog with an EPA-approved disinfecting solution.  
  • Cleaning before disinfecting, a step that is required for true disinfection. They apply specific cleaning techniques to reduce reapplication of soil on surfaces. Disinfecting after a proper cleaning. 
  • They always apply the disinfectant following the product label protocol, including selecting the equipment to apply the product and leaving the surface wet for the required dwell time for the disinfection to be effective, as specified by the EPA registered label.
  • Cleaning up discarded materials and single-use PPE, sealing their soiled materials for proper disposal.