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See FreeAxez Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution systems for yourself

For more than 25 years, FreeAxez has led the industry in developing cable management systems that adapt to future changes quickly. Gridd® and Gridd Power® provide performance and design versatility for a variety of commercial and high technology environments. Gridd is a UL-listed, modular, low profile, all-steel access floor system that safely distributes cabling and technology throughout the entire building. Channels are opened in seconds, without tools, for quick and flexible moves, adds, or changes to office layouts and its infrastructure. FreeAxez’ proven system of products, the ‘can do’ approach to demanding projects, and its commitment to stay ahead of the industry’s ever-evolving needs are what our clients depend on.

See the Gridd Adaptive Cabling Distribution™ systems for yourself at NeoCon 7-1022