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Security novice? The book ‘Facility Security Principles for Non-Security Practitioners’ explains best practices

by Danine Alati

Designed for the non-security manager responsible for managing a facility security program, the new book by Art B. Crow, Jr., president of Oppaset Security Consultingprovides the facility manager, plant manager, property manager and others with the foundational knowledge necessary to plan and implement an effective facility security program. Written in an easy-to read format, “Facility Security Principles for Non-Security Practitioners” is a best-practices guide that provides detailed information on physical security program planning and management and contains essential information on physical security principles and concepts, policy and procedure development, security systems infrastructure, lock and key systems, risk and security assessments, contract security guidelines, emergency preparedness, influencing corporate security culture and much more.

Some physical security topics you might consider, and which are covered in the book are:

  • Facility Security Plans
  • Facility Security Assessments
  • Security Policies, Procedures and Standards
  • Electronic Physical Security Systems
  • Influencing Corporate Security Culture
  • Measuring Security Value
  • Industrial & Economic Espionage

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