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Security industry unites to produce compensation study

Recognizing the industry’s need for current and comprehensive compensation data, particularly for security integrators, organizations have partnered to launch the 2022 Security Industry Compensation Study presented by the Foundation for Advancing Security Talent (FAST). In addition to FAST, which is providing funding support, this research initiative brings together support from the Electronic Security Association (ESA), PSA Security Network (PSA), the Security Industry Association (SIA) and Security Sales & Integration (SSI) and will be the security industry’s largest widely partnered study on salary and compensation.

This study’s mission is to provide the security industry with the compensation data it needs to effectively recruit and hire talent. The final report will offer salary and benefits data for relevant job titles within security systems integrators and dealers, as well as security product development and manufacturing companies.

It’s easy to think we know what good, competitive compensation is in our industry. The challenge is people’s needs and requirements change faster than any of us anticipate. It’s one reason why industry-focused compensation studies are so critical. We need to stay current in today’s competitive job market to recruit and retain top talent.

Paul Hevesy, chair of the FAST Board of Directors and vice president of organizational effectiveness at Stanley Black & Decker Inc.

The research will involve a survey of professionals across the security industry, started in the spring and completing this summer, with data to be released in late 2022. Topline results will be available to the public upon the study’s release, with more in-depth analysis reserved for companies who participate in the study, making it important for firms to participate by providing compensation data.

FAST is eager to launch a security industry compensation study, but we would be amiss if we tried to complete it on our own. FAST is fortunate to have partnerships with SIA, SSI, ESA and PSA, who have identified a similar need for and importance of such a study. With our partners, FAST will ensure we have accurate, impartial and valid data, so organizations across the industry can ensure they not only are paying properly, but also have details to create or update a successful compensation strategy.

Kerri Sutherland, vice chair of the FAST Board of Directors and human resources business partner at Axis Communications

If you would like to participate in the 2022 Security Industry Compensation Study, complete the form on the FAST homepage.

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