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Savings and hygiene you can bank on from Bobrick

Choosing the appropriate soap dispenser can have a significant impact on a facility’s sustainability goals as well as hygiene. Proprietary soap dispensing systems produce excess plastic waste and limit a facility’s soap purchasing choices, while also requiring labor-intensive maintenance. 

For medium and heavy traffic institutional buildings, top-fill dispensers simplify maintenance and utilize bulk soap to improve labor efficiency and sustainability. In addition, dispensers that utilize foaming hand soap allow for greater hand coverage compared to liquid, reducing waste and helping achieve the ideal hand wash. Bobrick’s touch-free B-824 SureFlo Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser is conveniently top-filled with non-proprietary, bulk liquid soap—instead of costly, wasteful proprietary cartridges—to save on operating costs and reduce post-consumer waste by over 57%. Estimate cost savings at bobrick.com/sureflo.