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Save time, breathe easy — Easy-to-use duct cleaning solutions

Goodway AQ-RV 450 duct-cleaning vacuum

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and other debris in HVAC ducts can cause serious IAQ issues. And, unless your system has perfect filtering and is leak-free, you can be sure this debris accumulates, causing major discomfort and potential health issues for occupants in your buildings.

Luckily Goodway® has your back with its AQ-RV450 duct-cleaning vacuum. This all-in-one duct cleaner features a remote-controlled two-directional rotating brush to remove debris, and a powerful 201 CFM vacuum pulls it back into the unit’s disposable vacuum bag.

At the same time, clean 99.97% HEPA-filtered air exits from the bottom. The AQ-RV450 is engineered for effortless portability with the roll-anywhere carrier or detach the lightweight power pack so you can get even closer to the job. Additional options for hose length and brush size let you get what you need.