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Rubicon VP of Sustainability predicts 2018 trends in waste and recycling

rubicon-assetsRubicon Global’s Vice President of Sustainability, David Rachelson, offers a preview of  2018 trends to expect in the waste and recycling industry. From the Rubicon blog:

“What are the biggest trends to watch for in 2018?

David Rachelson: ‘The waste and recycling industry is making incredible strides in the development of robotics, machine learning, and smart city technology. In 2018, we can expect to see further advancement and real-world implementation of these innovations across the public and private sectors.

Meanwhile, the adoption of circular economy principles continues to grow, with hundreds of corporations, start-ups, governments, and universities from around the world collaborating on profitable solutions to our current take-make-waste culture.

The year ahead is exciting, but it comes with its share of challenges. Outdated infrastructure, ocean pollution, space waste, hard-to-recycle materials and small business empowerment are all key issues that we must address as an industry in 2018 and beyond.’ ”

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