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Rethink what clean means at the Worldwide Cleaning Association show, ISSA, in Las Vegas, Nov. 13-16

by Eileen McMorrow

It may not be your number one concern, but keeping it clean is a daily concern for all facility managers, building owners and the executives who want their workforce at the workplace.

Created to deliver impactful solutions to the global cleaning and sanitation community, ISSA Show North America 2023 will feature the latest products and innovations, access to education, and ways to engage with peers and industry leaders on critical topics facing cleaning professionals. In Las Vegas, November 13-16, the ISSA Show NA 2023 is designed to help you improve your career, better manage your organization and learn about the latest cleaning technology.

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The Facility Operations & Maintenance Track offers a range of topics to empower FMs to understand the power of clean while also making wise decisions about the skills they need to manage building service contractors. Among the sessions that The McMorrow Reports recommends:

How Do You Measure the ROI of IAQ? Dinesh Wadhwani is an air quality expert and serial entrepreneur in the technology and life sciences industry. Wadhwani is the founder and CEO of ThinkLite and works closely with Fortune 500 companies, townships, and enterprises across the globe to improve IAQ.

  • Learn about what is in the air we breathe and the critical safety metrics you need to be aware of to gauge air safety.
  • Learn about the current state of the indoor air quality monitoring and purification market.
  • Understand the key factors an educational facility must look for to select an effective technology/solution to truly protect its students, faculty, and facilities from airborne transmission and infection.
  • Learn how an organization can calculate its return on investment (ROI) in clean air. With tradeoffs between capital and operational expenditures versus occupant safety.

Future of Office 2032: Imagining and Designing for Future Customer Experiences. The role of the office for workers and office buildings for corporations have undergone a massive shift in norms. The future of the large office segment is still unknown. At Kimberly-Clark Professional, its Global Customer Experience practice deploys a strategic foresight or applied futures methodology to uncover how the world may unfold in 10+ years.

How to Work with Facility Management Firms. Learn what it takes to work with an Institutional FM firm by learning its qualifications, innovation, technology, sophistication in its operations model, being agile, and knowing what is happening in the industry and your areas. Determine how IFM can help with mentorships if there is a proper fit. Technology is also a significant player as JLL’s clients are demanding things like Green Spend data, innovation, and thinking outside the box. John Kelley, Senior Director, JLL.

Embracing Disruption: The Potential of Robotic Automation and Augmented Reality in Facilities Management. There is an opportunity to fully integrate facility management systems using service robots and smart technologies, which can lead to increased productivity, cost reduction and the development of better value-added information. One innovative approach is the use of Robotic Automation and Augmented Reality to handle repetitive and hazardous tasks, freeing up personnel for more complex and skilled jobs. The session highlights the benefits of these technologies and offers suggestions for how FM leaders can successfully implement them. Jon Hill, CEO, Cobotiq.

Utilizing Air Purification to Address Cleaner, Safer & Healthier Environments with Doug Hoffman of NORMI. Clean work environments, IAQ and ESG are aligning as employers seek multiple ways to meet goals for Environmental, Social Responsibility & Governance, which has its own track:

The Green Cleaning Evolution: An Exceptional In-Person Experience in Today’s Workplace. Five years ago, Sustainability was a talking point; today it’s a necessity. ESG was not even discussed; now it’s a global movement. Nearly 3 in 5 (57%) executives report having implemented a cross-functional ESG working group tasked with driving strategic attention to ESG and another 42% are taking steps to do the same, according to Sustainability Action Report by Deloitte. Many facility managers are left asking, how do you incorporate it into the cleaning process?

Employee satisfaction used to be talked about, but cleaning was rarely, if ever, connected. Today you must motivate people to come back to the office and feel good about being there. Now is the time when green cleaning intersects with the hygienic facilities created in our post-Covid world, resulting in a great experience for employees and visitors, alike. Cleaning solutions have been prioritized since 2020 in facilities. “This has only restrained temporarily the longer industry trend to reduce their impact on the environment,” according to The Future of Sustainable Cleaning Products to 2026 by Smithers.

Scope 3 is Here, and We Need to Talk. Seminar session on how our industry needs to start disclosing the GHG Scope 3 emissions that are indirect emissions related to the value chain and activities connected to either suppliers or clients. These emissions are beyond the direct control of the company itself. On average, 75% of all company emissions are indirect and can be defined as scope 3 emissions. Thirty-minute presentation by Malena Thiele, with inspirational Nilfisk examples and 15 minutes for opening the discussion and questions.

ISSA Sustainability Council Session #1; and  ISSA Sustainability Council Session #2.

ISSA Show offers a wealth of speakers, and its exhibitor hours are generous to see all the products and solutions.

ISSA North America 2023 registration is open.