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Research paper details how a cabling system and low-profile raised floor contributes to the circular economy

The design-build industry has every incentive to stop contributing to landfills, to question conventional construction methods, and to limit damaging emissions because its leadership cares about the future of our planet and humans’ wellbeing. Fortunately, FreeAxez designed Gridd with the goal of creating a system that would be long-lasting and reusable. The low-profile raised floor and cable management system is made from steel, one of the most durable materials available, has minimal components and is infinitely reusable.

Gridd® by FreeAxez is a low-profile raised floor and cable management system that counters construction’s negative impact and makes a positive difference. Gridd was created with the goal of remaining in use forever — easily relocated, reconfigured or repurposed — and never being discarded into a landfill. FreeAxez commissioned The McMorrow Reports to research and write the paper, The Circular Economy of Gridd®: How to Deliver the Power to Change.

This paper explores the circularity of Gridd as considered under ISO 59.010 Standard: Circular Economy. A case study is presented that compares a project with conventional wiring and cable management (with wires and cables above ceilings and embedded in walls) to a project that uses Gridd, with the goal of illustrating how Gridd is not only a circular product, but also is a fantastic alternative to other cabling methods because of the potentially smaller carbon footprint for installation.

Download the GRIDD® Research Paper to learn more.