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Rendezvous Room Booking & Crestron streamline meetings

Shot of a group of colleagues having a meeting in a boardroom

Rendezvous room booking software from NFS, and Crestron Fusion Cloud, a cloud-based enterprise management system, seamlessly combine to create a truly connected workplace environment and end-to-end solution. Crestron Fusion Cloud enables technology managers to globally monitor, manage, and control room devices, as well as display meeting details inside and outside the scheduled room. It also enables them to collect device and room usage data so they can make informed, intelligent decisions to improve workflow.

With this joint solution, employees can find a meeting space, book the room and catering, set-up lighting, control temperature, lower window shades, and bring remote offices into the meeting by video conferencing seamlessly for a timely start. Crestron scheduling touch screens outside the room enable them to instantly see room status, book the room, or release it if unused (requires occupancy sensor). Adding the Crestron PinPoint app provides employees with a personal, mobile, dynamic scheduling tool; contextual information enables them to book spaces based on where they are, what they’re trying to do, and with whom they are working.

NFS will be at World Workplace Booth 1618 in San Diego.