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Real-time data. Curated insight. Transformative action.

Our AI-powered platform provides you with the most comprehensive and accurate workplace utilization insights – so you can design spaces that attract and retain employees, and right-size your portfolio to make your CFO smile.

VergeSense AI-powered platform

VergeSense workplace analytics are powered by deep-learning sensors that count people across the office. With this spatial intelligence platform, you can understand usage and occupancy of buildings, floors, seating areas, conference rooms, all the way down to individual desks.That data is analyzed in a workplace analytics dashboard and integrated into essential hybrid work software applications, like room and desk booking, room availability, employee mobile apps, IWMS and BMS tools and more. Companies use VergeSense to reduce or reinvest real estate, improve building operations, and create spaces where employees can thrive. The impact is reduced costs, higher productivity, improved culture and employee retention, and better sustainability.