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Planon to be first IFMA Foundation partner for sustainability facility professional scholarship

Planon Corporation will be the first corporate partner.

The IFMA Foundation has expanded the scope of the Eric Teicholz Sustainability Facility Professional (SFP) Scholarship Program to include corporate partners. The goal of the SFP Partner Program is to make additional scholarships available and provide an opportunity for organizations to support a sustainable future, creating a generation of facility management (FM) leaders committed to environmental best practices. Partner organizations can opt to introduce a scholarship program in a topic area of their choosing or join an existing program, such as the newly launched SFP Partner Technology Program.

The first additional program created by the IFMA Foundation is related to the use of FM technology. A creative use of electronics and other technologies in FM is critical to combating climate change as large-scale data-gathering and information-sharing allow ever-more efficiencies only if the technology is there to identify and realize them.

With awards starting in 2022, the initial SFP Partner Technology Program sponsor is the Planon Corporation.  “We are very proud to be the first SFP Technology Program partner. Planon is a firm advocate of continuous development, and we believe that the ambition to do better every day will stimulate all of us to take on the major challenges of our time, such as combating climate change,” said Erik Jaspers, director of Global Strategy and Innovation. “Buildings and workplaces that are sustainable and encompass forward-thinking technological capabilities can significantly contribute to this goal. Enabling young professionals in FM to broaden their knowledge in environmental practices will allow them to support their organizations in moving towards a sustainable future.”