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Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern by modulyss

Patchwork 592, 965Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern, three carpet tile designs by Modulyss, can be used solo, or worked together to create striking themes that relax inspire.

The everlasting precision of Pixel in hues of grey, brown, blue and turquoise creates an instantly smart look, a timeless sense of elegance that opens a window to the past and defines an escape from relentless hustle and bustle. A gentle touch of vintage charm found in floral and damask accents runs through Patchwork, forging a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that reveals a new story in every room. Bold and vibrant, Pattern is the future now, a design that matches Patchwork and Pixel with complete perfection and stands timeless and elegant in its own right.

Featuring purposeful color combinations with working shades of greys and blues interspersed with bold slabs of deep red, Pixel, Patchwork and Pattern are made from high-performance PA6 IMPREL yarn for use in demanding commercial environments. The collections are equipped with back2back, a recycled content secondary backing and a 15-year commercial use warranty. They are available to ship from the modulyss Dalton, Ga., distribution facility.