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Pininfarina’s experience-driven lounges in Santiago airport reflect Chile’s captivating landscapes

May 31, 2024 Pininfarina, the world-renowned Italian design house, has announced the unveiling of the design for Primeclass Pacifico, a series of five distinctive airport lounges with different dimensions located at the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago de Chile. This project, developed together with the local studio Grupo Arquitectos and the collaboration of Primeclass Pacifico, Servicios Aeroportuarios and TAV OS, is the first for Pininfarina in Chile as well as a significant milestone in enhancing the travel experience through innovative design and sensory engagement.

Images courtesy of Pininfarina.

The design concept of Primeclass Pacifico design by Pininfarina revolves around three pillars: Environmental Sustainability, Sensorial Well-being, and Travel Experience. Pininfarina’s design strategy incorporates natural elements, cutting-edge technology, and biophilic principles to create a harmonious and healthful environment that promotes relaxation.

The project showcases Pininfarina’s commitment to sustainability, with locally sourced materials, and wellness, with each lounge designed to meet rigorous standards. Features such as relaxation areas, circadian rhythm lighting, and seasonal food offerings align with the firm’s dedication to promoting health and well-being.

With Primeclass Pacifico, first architecture project in Chile for Pininfarina, we embarked on a mission to redefine the airport lounge experience as a seamless journey of discovery and well-being. Each lounge serves as a vibrant gateway to the diverse beauty of Chile, offering travelers a unique opportunity to connect with the country’s rich landscapes and cultural heritage even before they step outside the airport. Our vision extends beyond the traditional view of airports as mere transit points or non-places; we see them as destinations in their own right, transforming the waiting time into an integral part of the travel experience.

Samuele Sordi, chief architect officer at Pininfarina

The lounges are inspired by the diverse regions of Chile, from the mystic allure of Easter Island to the rugged beauty of Patagonia. This geographical narrative is woven into the design through materiality, textures, and colors, offering passengers a multisensory experience that stimulates the five senses and fosters a deep connection with the natural world.

Pininfarina has crafted a series of lounges that not only elevate the brand identity of Primeclass Pacifico but also contribute to a more sustainable and enjoyable travel experience. This project underscores Pininfarina’s expertise in creating spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sophisticated, setting a new benchmark for airport lounge design.

Our aim was to create spaces that not only cater to the physical comforts of travelers but also nourish their emotional and psychological well-being. By integrating elements like dynamic lighting, natural vistas, and curated soundscapes, we offer a sanctuary that balances the energy of travel with moments of tranquility and introspection.

Jairo Vives, senior design manager at Pininfarina of America

Pininfarina’s design is a fundamental component of Primeclass Pacifico’s service proposal, which aims to redefine the experience in VIP lounges in Chile. Our guests will not only be able to appreciate differentiating services and a privileged location at the Santiago International Airport, but they will also enjoy comfortable and quiet spaces surrounded by an atmosphere of vanguard, unique, and top-notch design.

Fabiano Fontenelle, CEO at Primeclass Pacifico

Managed by a consortium including Groupe ADP, VINCI Airports and Astaldi, the new international terminal (T2) in Arturo Merino Benítez Airport was inaugurated in 2022, increasing annual passenger capacity to 38 million. The airport welcomed 23 million passengers in 2023. 

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