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Patcraft’s Linocut resilient collection inspired by block printing designs

Patcraft, a leader in high-performance commercial flooring, has launched its latest made in the USA resilient collection, Linocut. Featuring an abstract, textural pattern, the collection’s layered design creates depth and dimension.  The visual was inspired by artful experiments with block printing, a process that led to a distinctive geometric aesthetic. Combining artistic inspiration and market insights, the Linocut collection supports the use of shape and color to create emotive spaces. 

“While developing Linocut, we considered the impact of color, shape and form and how these features can transform design within the built environment,” said Kelly Williams, senior hard surface designer for Patcraft. “The pattern’s vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines softly appear through a layered design that accentuates the subtle forms and shapes.  To add variety within the colorline, we connected with market insights to expand the available options.”

Incorporating both neutral and bright hues within the collection’s 13 colorways, Linocut allows for creative installations, wayfinding and definition of space within the built environment.  The initial product visual was inspired by a series of handmade prints that were created using carved print blocks.  The artwork featured an organic quality, which was further brought to life during the digital phase of the product development process, as the designer played with scale and layered the design.

“As the pattern was refined, we were really drawn to the beauty of the raw, linear markings created by the linocut printmaking technique,” said Williams.  “There is an understated beauty in the original prints where the paint didn’t fully adhere to the stamps.  These imperfections created a distressed visual, adding proportion and a textural quality to the graphic design.”

Linocut is available in 9” x 36” planks and features a 20 mil wear layer for superior durability.  The collection’s multidirectional, abstract pattern serves the functional purpose of hiding scratches, scuffs and dirt while disguising seams, and the flooring is polish and buff optional for hassle-free maintenance. The 5mm product construction allows for installation alongside carpet without the need for transition, and an ExoGuard finish provides enhanced scratch and stain resistance. The collection is designed to perform in high-demand environments and offers a 15-year Limited Commercial Warranty. Linocut is fully produced in the USA.