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Patcraft’s Artefact explores watermarks created by nature

A stunning and organically-fused collection featuring four 12” x 48” carpet tile products, Artefact is inspired by the exploration of watermark left within nature. The collection was inspired by an oxidation experiment exposing discarded items to rust and water. Through a six-week process, vibrant colors and designs emerged to create a flooring collection aimed at bringing off-kilter nature into the built environment.

The Patcraft design team chose an array of cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics to expose outdoors to metal discarded objects – including building materials, chains and metal sheeting. Using a resist-dyeing technique, the team created a variety of patterns and organic colors which varied in depth, tint and saturation across the base materials. The patterns of each style reveal a gradual shift in surface texture, reflecting the hidden stories of objects weathered by time.

The collection offers a selection of four carpet tile products, Patina, Etched, Relic and React.

Learn more at Patcraft.com.

NeoCon Showroom  10-160.