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OSCRE announces 2020 ‘Innovation Forums’ and web-based training

OSCRE offers new opportunities for engagement in 2020 that enable facilities professionals to expand their networks while sharing leadership skills. Innovation Forums are designed to encourage senior leaders to convene, collaborate and take action to address major issues facing the industry.

Innovation Forums will be held in major markets and will address topics such as expanding the OSCRE Reference Data Model (RDM), cybersecurity and privacy issues surrounding data collection, a collaborative industry project focused on lease data collection and more.

Dates for the 2020 Council of 100 Innovation Forums are being finalized. They will be held in the following locations:

1st Quarter: London
2nd Quarter: New York City
3rd Quarter: Toronto
4th Quarter: Dallas

Find more information here.

Web-Based Training

For newcomers to the real estate industry who want to jump-start their learning curve, OSCRE is finishing up the details of a new web-based training course. This two-hour introduction to real estate data management will be facilitated by an industry veteran who’s been there and will share his insights to build the skills for a successful career. He’ll provide tools newcomers need to get started in an easy to access format—and no travel required. Email info@oscre.org for more information on these OSCRE programs.

Learn at your own pace OSCRE’s on-demand Certificate Programs:

Building Digital Competency in Real Estate on-demand Certificate program
It’s about doing things right, engaging the right people, developing the right
skills, and putting the right framework in place. Learn more here

Data Governance in Real Estate on-demand Certificate program
This 10-session program is presented by industry professionals,
giving you access to their knowledge, experience, and guidance on how to
apply it to your own organization. Learn more here