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Oomf! Giving portable power to the students


The Oomf solution enhances learning facilities by giving students the flexibility to find a space in the library or anywhere on campus to focus and not be restrained by lack of a power outlet.

A power sharing solution for higher education, Oomf streamlines charging electronics. It consists of an Omnicharge Sharing Station and Nine Omnicharge portable chargers (each with an AC outlet, two USB outputs, and Qi wireless charging). Students can check out and return Oomf chargers at stations around campus with no hassle. Oomf powers and charges almost any device, including cell phones, tablets, and laptops.

Oomf is a fully managed sharing service, meaning there’s no requirement on the university to provide support and maintenance. Oomf’s goal is to take all of the effort and pain out of managing shareable product inventory while providing a significant infrastructural cost savings for university customers.