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NextUp chapters gathering for year-end celebrations and kick-offs in 2024 are inviting women in FM and design to join the community

Even “born” leaders need professional development and networking opportunities. The NextUp network delivers inclusive programs and experiences that advance women at every stage of their career, accelerate workplace equity and drive business growth. Looking to expand its reach and include women in facility management (FM), planning, interior design, architecture and engineering, NextUp offers education and engagement sessions every month across the U.S. In 2024, more than 175 regional networking and leadership development events are planned.

Even as gains are made with women in leadership, new challenges emerge, and the NextUp mission goes on. When women are learning and leading, they are not leaving. NextUp seeks a world where women have equal opportunities at work, and equal opportunity to build their lives and careers exactly the way they want them.

As the year concludes, many chapters are hosting celebratory events, with plans to resume educational programming in the new year. The social and networking gatherings in the next few weeks present opportunities to engage with a local NextUp community. No need to go alone; ask an industry friend to join you.

Dec. 13: New England Holiday Connect. The Somerville, MA, area casual connect event for all career levels inviting members and non-members. 

Dec. 14: Distraught to Delighted with Lori Pine. More than 140 are attending this virtual event hosted by New York. Ever feel like you’re wrestling with a dilemma, one that you’ve tucked away, hoping it would magically disappear? You push it aside, bury it deep, but somehow it haunts you, maybe even keeps you up at night. Perhaps it’s an unsettled marriage, a struggling child, or an unrelenting manager. You try hard to put on a good front. Yet, somewhere deep down, you’re longing for something different, something more, something better, aren’t you? Lori Pine knows this journey. Let her guide you on the path from distraught to delighted with joy!

Dec. 14: Pacific Northwest Holiday Craft Workshop with Erin Bradley Creative. A Mini-Album Scrapbook Class by member Erin Bradley without the fuss of supplies or mess at home. At Costco in Issaquah, WA, craft your own unique mini-album to keep or gift. Enjoy complimentary soft drinks, wine, and snacks. Details will be sent out after registration on design and pictures.

Dec. 15: Atlanta Coffee Hour at LaMadeleine in Dunwoody, GA. This networking event is for new members, returning members, active members and potential new members.

Jan 13: Networking Lunch with NextUp Carolinas at Triple C Brewing in Charlotte. It is a great time to connect with others and gain a few tips on how to make the New Year incredible at this event is for new members, returning members, active members, and anyone interested in finding out more about NextUp.

Jan 26: SoCal: Positive Intelligence. Learn about tapping into your Positive Intelligence to find your saboteurs and unique strengths with renowned USC Adjunct Professor of Clinical Business Communication, Dr. Cynthia Alt. Gift book with attendance, Positive Intelligence: Why only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours.

NextUp Membership is open to individuals or members of a partner organization. When you join NextUp through The McMorrow Reports/FMLink, you are entitled to 20 percent off an individual membership when you enter the code: NextUp23McMorrow at checkout.

For more information, contact Beth Fasching, Strategic Partnership Director, NextUp: bfasching@nextupisnow.org.