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NextUp: A leadership network for women in FM and design

Career growth in facility management is wide open, and there are a host of FM-related organizations that support professional development. The industry conferences usually offer a “Women in FM” discussion session and networking. But oftentimes that’s really not enough. Women in facility management, architecture, design and planning could benefit from a sustained peer-supported organization that supports critical career development for women. That’s where NextUp becomes an opportunity and an asset.

The NextUp network delivers inclusive programs and experiences that advance women at every stage of their career, accelerate workplace equity and drive business growth. They do this by developing leaders at every level of business, transforming norms by creating workplace equity and leading the DEI&B conversation by supporting women of color and their allies. NextUp envisions a world where women have equal opportunities at work and equal opportunity to build their lives and careers exactly the way they want them. 

The 17,000-member-strong association, present in 21 regions across the U.S., provides critical career development for women who come to NextUp as individuals or members of a partner organization. Its leadership believes goals are unique to each person and tailors solutions that cater to its members’ career level.

For facility and design professionals who are ready to see what’s next:

NextUp Membership is open to individuals or members of a partner organization. When you join NextUp through The McMorrow Reports/FMLink, you are entitled to 20 percent off with the code: NextUp23McMorrow

For more information, contact Beth Fasching, Strategic Partnership Director, NextUp: bfasching@nextupisnow.org