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White paper examines challenges for Covid-19 prevention plans

LiveSafe Inc.

LiveSafe Inc.

A new study by LiveSafe Inc., the leading risk intelligence and safety communications company, provides critical insights into the risks that colleges and universities face as they plan to welcome millions of students back to campus in the middle of the deadly COVID-19 global pandemic.

The report, Calculated Risk: Returning to Campus in The Age of COVID-19, reveals major shortfalls in campus safety and COVID-19 prevention plans that have some risk managers nervous about the decision to bring students back to campus as infections and hospitalizations are on the rise in many states. Adding to concerns about sustained community spread of the disease is the inability of many universities to conduct adequate testing and enforce new health safety policies.

“With COVID-19 threatening to kill an estimated 200,000 Americans by October, going to college feels more like an unnecessary risk than an endeavor to nurture one’s mind,” wrote Dan Verton, LiveSafe’s Director of Content & Branding and the principal author of the paper. “Despite all of the planning and protective measures put in place across college campuses, allowing students to return is a calculated risk. The price of getting it wrong is contagion and more death.”

Calculated Risk explores the capabilities and best practices that have factored into the risk calculations of large, medium and small institutions. It also highlights how the convergence of COVID-19 and nationwide social justice movements have impacted the role of university risk managers and public safety officials.

Getting employees back to the workplace and students back on campus safely requires mobile health screening capabilities, reliable and effective two-way safety communications, and the ability to provide resources in response to rapidly changing health conditions, guidance, and regulations.

Built upon the LiveSafe enterprise risk intelligence and safety communications platform, our WorkSafe back-to-work options and packages enable organizations to detect potential infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.

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