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Hawaii Mainland Administrators partnership disrupts medical tourism industry

by Danine Alati

Hawaii Mainland Administrators (HMA) and Global Healthcare Resources have announced a new partnership that promises to disrupt the medical tourism industry. Starting in 2019, HMA will start offering medical tourism to all its self-funded employers making it available to thousands of Americans.

This new medical tourism offering will be launched under Provider Network International (PNI), the first global medical travel network to be launched by a U.S.-based TPA or insurance company. The new benefit offering for self-funded employers will allow employees and plan members to receive access to the top centers of excellence globally.

Bundled rates apply to covered members who will receive incentives such as covered travel expenses, waiver of deductibles, coinsurance and out of pocket expenses.

Renée-Marie Stephano, Chief Executive Officer of Global Healthcare Resources said, “We will be working with HMA over the next six months in building out their network of top hospitals from around the world. HMA is committed to working solely with hospitals that provide the best outcomes and amazing experiences through established international patient departments.”

As part of this process GHR will be collaborating with Global Healthcare Accreditation in the selection and standards for the network. Only facilities with a proven track record in medical travel that demonstrate consistent levels of medical travel service, quality, and outcomes will be selected. Discussions are under way with other TPAs to join an alliance in offering the PNI network and the acquisition of other TPAs is being considered across the country, which will provide more leverage and buying power in accessing medical travel. HMA will be conducting roadshows around the country in partnership with Global Healthcare Resources to educate its broker and employer network of the new offering.

Stephano breaks it down this way, “What HMA is doing is unique. Most TPAs are playing the same old game and not trying to buck a broken healthcare system. With rising healthcare costs continuing in the U.S., and with a majority of those costs being generated by large claimants spending the most amount of money on expensive conditions, HMA stepped out of the sandbox, setting a new standard in the industry.”