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Nasal saline mist & COVID-19 hygiene measure will be rolled out this fall

David Edwards is CEO of Sensory Cloud.
Photo courtesy of Sensory Cloud

Sensory Cloud, a technology startup that designs solutions to problems of human wellbeing and healthcare through pioneering discoveries at the frontiers of olfaction and respiratory biology, announced plans for the September launch of its new hygiene product FEND. According to Sensory Cloud, the publication of scientific research demonstrates the product’s safety and efficacy.

FEND is a nasal saline, comprised of natural physiological salts present in ocean water, which healthcare workers, and anyone at risk of SARS-CoV-2 exposure, can use for nasal cleansing by deep nasal inspiration of a salty mist, generated by a hand-held mister, Nimbus. FEND cleans the air passages of the droplets of airway lining fluid we generate on natural breathing. Such airway droplets can carry airborne infection.  Cleaning the airways of these particles reduces the risk of infection movement into and out of the lungs, a hygiene benefit to the user and to the environment.

“Conventional masks, hand-washing and social distancing are essential hygiene practices in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, while these hygiene measures do not cleanse our respiratory system of the majority of potentially infectious particles we exhale during natural breathing,” says the lead author of a scientific article published in Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics Discovery, Dr. David Edwards of Harvard University and Founder of Sensory Cloud.

“Around 80% of these particles are less than a single micron in size, and not effectively filtered by conventional face masks,” adds Edwards. “Cleaning our airways of these particles is a new hygienic measure that can be of critical value to healthcare workers, all of us returning to work and school, and to the many in the world for whom social distancing is not an option.”

FEND is based on the NasoCalm (PUR003 and PUR006) proprietary solutions developed by Pulmatrix, Inc., and licensed to Sensory Cloud for OTC nasal delivery and worldwide commercialization.