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Barefoot 60 Anti-Slip Coating is ideal for pool decks, shower and spa floors, and more

Wooster Products introduces Barefoot 60 an anti-slip coating, which provides high traction and durability for pool decks, waterparks, showers, spas, boats and marine surfaces, and more.  A member of the Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Epoxy System, this eco-friendly, two-component epoxy system meets OSHA and ADA standards, and ASTM slip-resistance requirements.  It contains 100% solids, with no solvents or VOCs, ensuring compatibility with previously installed coatings.  Water, solvent and chemical resistant Walk-A-Sured Water Clear Barefoot 60 contains polymer grit which gives the coating long-lasting added traction.   It is ideal for use on pool decks of all sizes, waterpark surfaces, shower and spa floors, boat decks, marinas and docks, and other normally wet surfaces. 

Available in 1-gallon kits which cover 200-275 square feet, Barefoot 60 is easily applied with ¼” nap lint-free epoxy roller.  This proven system cures completely in just 6-8 hours at ambient temperature (77 degrees F, or 25 degrees C). Compatible surfaces include concrete, metal, wood, glass, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, and previously installed coatings.

In addition to Barefoot 60, two other Walk-A-Sured Water Clear formulations are available for general purpose and specific applications including indoor/outdoor surfaces, or industrial floors, kitchens, and worksite surfaces.  Walk-a-Sured® Water Clear Barefoot 60 is available from coatings distributors and pool supply professionals nationwide.  Dealer territories are available. 

Wooster Products is the industry leader in anti-slip stair treads and walkway products.  They have been manufacturing anti-slip products for new construction, renovation and OEM applications since 1921 from their Wooster, Ohio, facility. For additional information visit Wooster Products, e-mail sales@wooster-products.com, or call (800) 321- 4936.