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Need to lock down the campus? Consider Pure Access

ISONAS Entry Phone Swipe 063017ISONAS is a leading manufacturer of Pure IP Access Control hardware.  An ISONAS system provides the perfect product solution for securing facilities while reducing costs and providing all of the advantages that Pure IP technology brings; complete flexibility at a lower total cost.  When paired with our leading edge software solution, Pure Access, this combination creates a complete access control platform allowing facility or security personnel to lock, unlock or lockdown campus facilities from anywhere, at any time with any device. The cloud-based software, Pure Access, frees you from IT administration and infrastructure management allowing you to proactively manage and protect your facility and students instead.

Pair the simplicity of Pure Access with Pure mobile credentials and you can put access control right at the fingertips of your users.  Pure Mobile allows users to take the convenience of their mobile phone to the next level by turning access control into a simple, hassle free part of their day.  This eliminates the need for a physical card and allows for quick management and enrollment of users and credentials. With a Pure IP access control solution facility and security managers can monitor and respond to events as they happen and enhance school safety for less.