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Need Resources? The IFMA Knowledge Library has them all

IFMAAmong the notable facility management advances at World Workplace was the official launch of the long-anticipated IFMA Knowledge Library. This online repository of expert-vetted content offers FM professionals a one-stop source of useful content. All information contained in the library has been carefully catalogued to make it easy to use so FM professionals spend less time searching and more time applying what they find.

The Knowledge Library is available through IFMA’s Online Community.

Among the notable free content is a white paper by Richard Kadzis, Redefining the Executive View of FM; The 17 Mistakes made in Emergency Plans & How to Avoid and Correct Them by Bo Mitchell; The Global Quest of Energy Efficiency by Clay G. Nesler; Sustainability for All by Johnson Controls; and The Multi-Generational Workforce, by James P. Ware, among many others.

The Knowledge Library will bring all new access and functionality to your fingertips. You’ll be able to get the latest video content, documents, articles, research and more written and reviewed by industry-leading professionals organized in a simple-to-use, single location.

The Knowledge Library provides members access to all IFMA content like never before. The robust search and organization helps you find exactly what you need. The library houses articles, benchmarking research, videos and more.