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Natural Attraction textiles by Stinson win Best of NeoCon Gold while connecting nature and wellness

Inspired by the restorative connection between nature and wellness, and anchored by performance and sustainability, Natural Attraction by Stinson focuses on an affinity for the natural world around us. A walk in the woods, the pitter patter of rain, the swirling, soothing sensations of water currents, the tiny pebbles at the bottom of a flowing stream, each of these creates a positive art form now translated to high-performance textiles specifically designed for healing environments.

A beautiful collection that is bringing hospitality into healthcare, making it feel warm, inviting and sophisticated. Love the story behind the concepts and having the designer share their passion

Beautiful design with nice coordinating patterns. A very nice inspiration from nature. Good to touch.

This line is stunning! I really love the styles, patterns, attention to details, sustainability initiatives and attributes. Incredible colors well done! C.F. Stinson is shining bright!  The presentation was outstanding. It’s a beautiful collection. Fantastic collection!

Best of NeoCon 2024 jurors

From soft pastels to deep saturated jewel tones, the colors, textures and patterns have been designed to complement healing environments. Upon first glance, taking cues from nature, it is easy to feel and understand that the collection is focused on a sense of calm and well-being.

The simple yet sophisticated textures and patterns can be intermingled depending on the intended environment or application. The privacy curtain, Echo, has been designed to work with the upholstery surfaces. Other finishes and surfaces commonly used in healthcare have been considered.

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