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Muse by Jehs+Laub adds style to any space

Muse by Jehs+Laub is a soft and sculptural lounge chair that projects modern elegance. The stylish silhouette embraces the body, inviting you to relax into its form. This small-scale lounge piece is timeless and uniquely simple with flowing lines and soft surfaces. Available with three distinctive base options, Muse is a dynamic seating collection with a style to inspire any space.

Muse offers three distinct base designs, each with their own exceptional style. The wood base fosters a natural aesthetic, highlighting the warmth of Muse’s design. The wire base is slender and minimal with a more modern aesthetic, adding a hint of contemporary lightness to a space. The pedestal base gives Muse a classic touch, with fixed, swivel, or memory return options.

Muse is constructed with an innovative technique to reduce manufacturing waste. The molded foam seat is manufactured with four individual molds, one of each portion of the inviting seat. Utilizing four different molds reduces the manufacturing waste accrued by carving foam and easily enables the use of multiple densities. Each portion is specifically designed for superior comfort and ideal durability to maintain Muse’s distinguishing shape.

Muse is available fully upholstered or with a painted urethane outer shell. Contrasting upholstery is also available, and Muse offers a variety of finish options spanning the three base designs. The soft curves and well-tailored precision of Muse’s design make it a beautiful choice for lounge applications. Ideal for reception areas and open office lounges, this classic piece with a modern twist is centered on providing optimum comfort with a relaxed, residential feel.

NeoCon Showroom 3-115