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Mortarr & Mercato Place collaborate for materials sourcing

Mortarr, the online search and discovery engine for inspiration, products, and professionals in commercial construction and design, has partnered with Mercato Place, a brand new online platform for interior designers to easily source material samples.

This collaboration provides an efficient solution to streamline design projects through the discovery and sampling process. Mortarr features visually compelling “hot spotted” images, allowing users to explore, find inspiration, and connect with industry professionals worldwide. Through Mortarr’s inspiration gallery, designers can save images to digital pin-up boards and get samples through Mercato Place.

Mercato Place is an online resource and service for specifiers to explore materials and trends, search resource libraries and order free textile samples from textile manufacturers and distributors around the world. The elegant and highly curated platform was created to put the focus on people, relationships, and good design. Specifiers can find acoustic materials, coated fabrics, drapery, leather, outdoor materials, panel fabrics, performance fabrics, privacy curtains, sheers, upholstery, velvet, and wall coverings on Mercato Place.

Mortarr’s design platform shown in mobile view

“We value community and with Mercato Place we believe we have created a platform that elevates and supports our partner brands and better connects them to designers while helping their bottom line,” says Mercato Place President and Founder Ray Sayers. “Our partnership with Mortarr amplifies these connections across the commercial design industry.”

Through the partnership, the two businesses are collaboratively addressing the needs, and the impact, of the commercial design industry.

“From the environmental stewardship embedded into their brand to their commitment to simplifying the user experience, there are a lot of synergies between our two companies,” says Mortarr CEO and Co-Founder, Abby Murray. “We created Mortarr to streamline and improve the way the industry works and our partnership with Mercato Place allows us to continue doing so.”