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Luxe and laid back. Fresh and familiar. Right at home, right where it is.

In the world of fashion, denim is democracy. From its roots as a hard-wearing uniform for workers, denim and jeans have become the great equalizer — an iconic fabric shared by people around the world, yet one you can make uniquely your own, again and again.

Mohawk Group Denim Culture carpet tile collection

With Denim Culture, Mohawk Group takes a fresh look at its popular Denim collection, offering new styles and colorways that bring an individual aesthetic and universal ease to your spaces. Simple to personalize, this carpet tile collection is edgy but effortless, and ideal for all types of interior styles. But Denim Culture goes deeper than appearances — it’s about respecting each other and the resources we all share. From the zero-water dyeing process of its innovative fiber, to going beyond carbon neutral for a net-positive impact on the climate, Denim Culture helps your project give back to the world that sustains us all. 

Visit Mohawk Group’s NeoCon showroom 377-3rd Floor.